Outsource this Time Consuming Management Function, Let ThriveRite do your Credentialing

Do you know how long it takes your staff to complete the credentialing process? Time they spend on credentialing could be keeping them from essential practices that make your practice more profitable.

Whether you are starting a new practice, adding a new physician, changing practice locations, or breaking away from a group, a credentialing specialist is essential. Below are some of the services typically offered by credentialing companies.

Credentialing Services

  • Primary Source Verification.
  • Identify all managed care health plans available in the identified geographical area.

Review and negotiations of Managed Care contracts.

  • Enroll physician(s) into all participating health plans and hospitals to include Medicare and Medicaid through receipt of provider number or affiliation.
  • Complete all re-credentialing applications and re- appointments.
  • File and maintain your updated credentials with your local IPA’s and PHO’s.
  • Obtain and Maintain CAQH.
  • Obtain and Maintain NPI Numbers.
  • Maintain current certificates, to include licenses, DEA and DPS numbers.
  • Assist the practice with a name change, Tax ID change, relocation, etc.
  • Assist the practice in making sure the health plans have the correct demographic information on file.
  • Maintain CME summaries

By outsourcing this complex and time-consuming management function to experienced and well-equipped staff, you will reduce your office overhead and headaches. Your office manager will no longer need to focus on the hassles and continued follow-up required with managed care paperwork.

We recommend utilizing a credentialing specialist or company for your practice.