Denial & Lost Charge Recovery Solutions & Services

Your bottom line could be adversely affected by underpayments, third-party denials and lost charges.

ThriveRite optimizes revenue streams through third-party recovery management, and reduces lost charges due to incorrect and incomplete charge capture processes.  We know that healthcare organizations write off millions of dollars each year, and we assist you to capture all applicable charges to help ensure your bottom line reflects the services you provided.

Many healthcare facilities rely on preventative measures such as contract modeling systems to detect underpayments however, underpayment rates are still running as high as denials.

ThriveRite helps you recover full payment while maintaining a positive patient experience. Our denial management and underpayment recovery solutions are focused on nonclinical activities that have a direct effect on cash flow.

Denial Review

Denial error rates averaging between 1% and 6% lead to unstable cash flow predictions. Industry-wide, it is estimated that one in five claims are denied leading to costly resubmission, reduced cash flow, and increased write-offs.

ThriveRite Denial Review provides you with recommended improvements, recommendations and a summary of payer denial/underpayment behavior that will improve your appeal-overturn ratio and your collection success.

Lost Charges Recovery Service

It may surprise you that nationwide, healthcare providers are losing 3-5% because of lost charge errors.  Charge recovery could mean a substantial increase in net revenue to your bottom line. Partnering with ThriveRite can increase your revenue by 3 percent.